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Defective car batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdown. Despite widespread misconceptions, car batteries are not completely maintenance-free and have only a limited lifetime. A battery must be checked for its condition at regular intervals and replaced if necessary.

When is a car battery to be changed?
Car battery is tested, whether the change is necessary.
When exactly a car battery needs to be replaced depends on many factors. Frequent launches, poor charging and hot summers speed up the aging of the batteries. With age, the capacity of a battery decreases. Especially in cold winters, older battery models then reach their limits, because the capacity is further reduced by low temperatures. In the worst case, the capacity of a car battery is no longer sufficient to start the engine.Usually then a breakdown service or the workshop has to move in order to get the car afloat again.

Why are car batteries changing over time?
Car batteries do not suddenly break down in most cases. But after only a few years in operation, a defect can occur. The capacity of the battery decreases rather slowly, so that the battery stores less and less energy over time, because the maximum possible capacity decreases. The ultimate defect becomes apparent when the power supply to the consumers of the car is no longer sufficient. Defective batteries cannot be repaired, so that in case of a defect only a change of the battery is possible. Before the battery fails completely or is discharged, preventive replacement helps. This protects against annoying breakdowns due to a broken Car Battery.
The described problems can be easily avoided. During car maintenance or a special test of the starter-generator system, a simple battery test is used to test the performance, i.e. the capacity and charge of the battery, as well as to estimate its remaining service life. In this way, if there are signs of a risk that the capacity of the battery will shrink too much, a battery change can be made in time. Then there are no difficulties at all when starting the engine or when using the entertainment and comfort electronics. Always change the car battery in the workshop

In modern cars, the car battery is often harder to reach than in old models. Changing the broken battery is easy in principle, which is why drivers change the battery themselves. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have a battery replacement carried out by the expert in order to prevent possible subsequent problems with the electronics. For example, a battery of the type, design and capacity must be precisely matched to the consumers and the performance of the alternator. For some vehicle models, the workshop must register a new battery with a diagnostic device. In addition, during the change of a battery, the on-board electronics should be supplied externally with voltage, otherwise data loss threatens. As a rule, the change in a workshop does not take long, so that the labor costs are only low. For these reasons, it is advisable to invest the comparatively low cost of professional replacement so that the vehicle also functions properly after changing the battery.

What needs to be considered when changing?
When replacing a battery, a predetermined sequence must be adhered to in order to avoid short circuits and sparks at the connections. So first the ground cable (usually black or brown, sometimes also made of copper braid) is detached from the negative pole and then the red cable from the positive pole. Now the screws with which the battery is held on the body are loosened. Then the broken battery can be removed and after cleaning the contact surface and the new one can be used.

For mounting, work in reverse order. Subsequently, the electronics of the vehicle may have to be adjusted. If no external power supply is used, the theft code for the radio must be re-entered and many memory functions must be reprogrammed. After a check of the charge control with the engine running, the change is completed.

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