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The oil change on the engine of the car must be carried out regularly at certain intervals. This is necessary so that the engine oil can always do its job and the engine does its job for a long time. Find out here why it is so important to change the engine oil at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer, what is done, how long an oil change takes and which engine oil is right for your car. 

Why is it necessary to change the oil regularly?

Focus on changing the oil in the engine of a car Since the engine is the heart of the vehicle, it should of course function properly for as long as possible. For this, the engine must be serviced regularly and properly. During the entire running time of the engine, the engine oil flushes it through. The most important maintenance of an engine is the regular oil change. Why changing the engine oil at the prescribed intervals is so important can be explained with the tasks of the engine oil.

What happens if the oil is not changed?

A professional changes the engine oil in a car. The engine oil is often referred to as the lifeblood of the engine, and that's true. Too little, too old or wrong engine oil can completely ruin the engine within seconds. When changing the engine oil, the manufacturer's specifications for the intervals are extremely important. It is essential to avoid skipping an oil change. Even advanced arguments, such as the pollution of the environment by disposing of the used oil, miss the real point of replacing oil. If you don't want to change the engine oil as often as the manufacturer suggests, you run the risk of endangering the engine's service life. This is also neither inexpensive nor environmentally friendly.

How often does the oil change for the infrequent driver?

The due date for an oil change is heavily influenced by whether the vehicle is used on long or short journeys. The interval for the oil change can then be shortened or lengthened accordingly. The oil change is necessary more often for infrequent drivers than for long-distance drivers ("representative cars"). "Once a year or after 20,000 kilometers" means that even if the mileage specified by the manufacturer has not been achieved, the oil should be changed after one year.

When is the first oil change on a new car?

With new cars, however, the interval must always be adhered to, even under favorable conditions. In the past, an oil change for new cars already applied after the first 1,000 kilometers and there were even special oils for new cars. Today, experts agree that a premature oil change is not necessary thanks to more powerful oil filters and perfect coordination of the components.

How often is the oil change for gasoline and diesel engines?

In general, there is no clear difference in the oil change intervals of a gasoline or diesel. Rather, the mileage provides orientation at the change intervals. Each oil is adapted to the engine and each driver has a different driving style. It cannot generally be said that, for example, the oil change on a diesel engine should be carried out earlier or later than on the other engine types.

How long does an oil change take?

Expert when changing the engine oil in a workshop If the workshop needs to change the oil, this can be done during the lunch break if necessary. The whole thing takes - depending on the vehicle - only between 20 and 30 minutes. The car is raised on the lifting platform in order to be able to position a collecting container underneath. After removing the oil drain plug, the used oil is drained, collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The copper washer with which the drain plug seals the oil pan is always replaced by a new part and then closed again. Then the oil filter and its sealing rings in the engine compartment are also replaced. The new engine oil is now filled into the engine with a funnel or directly from a fuel nozzle. After the car is at ground level again, the new oil level is checked with the dipstick and topped up if necessary.

If the next oil change is due, we advise you to go to a workshop. In the jungle of different engine oils, often only the professionals in the workshops know which oil is exactly the right one for your car. For this reason alone, every driver should entrust himself to professionals for this work on his vehicle. Only high quality motor oil is used in the workshop. The workshop also has the necessary lifting platform, suitable small parts and any special tools that may be required. Changing the oil in your own garage is not recommended. In addition, old oil must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

How often should the oil filter be changed?

The specialist changes the oil filter in a car. How often the oil filter and engine oil have to be changed depends on the manufacturer's specifications. This is reflected in the cost. It must be mentioned here that the intervals have noticeably lengthened over the past few decades. Improved materials mean that the filters can be used longer and longer. In the service booklets of classic cars you will find the usual intervals of a maximum of 5,000 km. Today, many engines allow the oil filter to be changed at intervals of 15,000 km and, in some cases, significantly more if certain conditions are met. The on-board computer usually notifies the driver. It calculates wear and tear and driving operation and recommends when the oil and oil filter should be replaced. Careful driving is definitely rewarded. A usual interval of 15,000 km can become 30,000 km.

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