Car Warning Light Checks near me in Newcastle

A blinking or glowing light on Car dashboard is almost always associated with problems, defects and, consequently, with expenses. If it happens, it is advisable to get it checked by professionals in our workshop.

We are listing out common Warning Lights:

  1. Oil Pressure Light
  2. Tire Pressure Warning Light
  3. Engine Temperature Warning
  4. Traction Control Light
  5. Anti-lock Brake Warning Light
  6. Traction Control Malfunction
  7. Engine Warning
  8. Battery Alert
  9. Low Fuel Indicator
  10. Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator
  11. Airbag Indicator
  12. Security Light
  13. Fog Lamp Indicator
  14. Washer Fluid Indicator

We are always here to help you detect and repair any problem indicated by Warning lights.

  • Call for Warning Light checks on 0432-553-905

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