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When is the right time to have the clutch changed?

As the link between the engine and the transmission, the clutch is an indispensable component. It enables both starting and changing between gears. It also serves as overload protection and a damper for the torsional vibrations of the engine. But like almost every component in a car, the clutch also wears out. As soon as the individual elements have reached their service life, they have to be changed.

Change clutch - when and why?

When the clutch disc needs to be changed also depends heavily on the driver, his driving profile and the vehicle. The clutch consists of a flywheel, pressure plate, release unit and the clutch disc. The latter is provided with friction elements that wear out over time. That is why the clutch is one of the wearing parts. However, clutches have a long service life, so that you usually only have to change the clutch disc after 80,000 to 100,000 km.

How do I know that a change is imminent?

You can tell that the replacement is imminent by a slipping clutch. In this case, the power from the motor can no longer be fully transmitted. An increased power requirement when changing gears can also be taken as an indication of an upcoming change due to a defective clutch. A cracking noise can also be detected in the gearbox. An experienced mechanic can determine during a short test drive whether the clutch needs to be replaced and when a defect can be ruled out.

The linchpin for reliable power transmission between the engine and transmission is the friction lining on the clutch disc, which wears to a greater or lesser extent depending on the driving style. With every start-up, the clutch slips, which causes the lining to wear out over time. The compression springs, the clutch pressure plate and the releaser that ultimately moves the clutch also have to withstand a lot. Accordingly, the coupling parts can break and have to be replaced.

To change the clutch, the motor must be separated from the gearbox. Ideally, you drive the car onto a lifting platform or a pit. Since the gearbox is an important support for the engine, it must be ensured when removing the clutch that the engine has a firm hold. A crane or engine mount is invaluable for this. Furthermore, when reinstalling it, make sure that the clutch disc is exactly centered. Special tools are available in workshops to ensure this. When installing, it should also be taken into account that the manufacturer specifies tightening torques for many screws that must be adhered to. All in all, it makes sense to leave this demanding and time-consuming task to the professionals in a workshop. They have the necessary experience and equipment

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