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The gearbox of a vehicle - whether it is an automatic gearbox or manual gearbox - is one of the most important and complex components of a car. The gearbox is used to a great extent with every trip. If it doesn't work anymore, the gearbox repair is inevitable. Diagnostic and repair work on the transmission requires professional experience, accuracy and some special tools. Find out what signs a defective gearbox has and what is done in the workshop when the gearbox is repaired.

What are the signs of a defective gearbox?

The transmission wears slowly but steadily. In the long term, this can cause damage to the transmission. At the first signs of the defect, it is advisable to have a specialist check and error analysis carried out in a workshop.

The main symptoms of a defective gearbox include:

  • Unstable gear shifting where the gear loosens and pops out again
  • The gearshift lever cannot be moved from one position to another, or only with great difficulty
  • The engine is idling in spite of a gear engaged
  • Rustling or clacking noises in the transmission
  • Jerking the car
  • An absolutely sure sign of a defect is when the transmission oil in your car is slowly leaking out.

Repairing the gearbox is very demanding and has its price. The work should definitely be carried out by a professional. If a mistake is made when changing, the new gearbox can break immediately. This not only means the further repair costs, but can also threaten your driving safety. Both the automatic transmission and the manual transmission of a vehicle are extremely complex systems that ensure the entire functionality of the car. A repair that is not carried out professionally can cause considerable consequential damage to the vehicle or even endanger the life of the driver. You should therefore refrain from repairing the damaged parts yourself.

The inspection and - if necessary - the replacement of the damaged gearbox is part of our service  Our competent experts ensure that your vehicle is optimally examined. The following components are precisely tested: the transmission oil, the gear shift and especially the individual parts of the transmission system itself. After the precise inspection and error analysis, the gearbox is dismantled and the exact damage is determined. The gearbox is carefully cleaned and all defective parts of the gearbox are replaced. If necessary, the worn seals are replaced and the new components are installed. Finally, the gearbox is installed and checked according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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