Engine Light Checks near me in Newcastle

A perfectly functioning and correctly adjusted lighting system is always important. During the light check, errors in the lighting of your vehicle are identified and the headlights are correctly adjusted.

The focus of every light check is of course the correct setting of the headlights. In addition to a defective headlight, problems such as lights that were set too high or too low and a rear lighting device were found. If the height setting is incorrect, the headlights can dazzle oncoming traffic and thus create unnecessary risk of accidents. Also due to poor visibility, a defective or incorrectly set lighting system will lead to a considerable safety risk in road traffic, especially in autumn and winter.

During the light test, the vehicle's lamps are not only checked for function in the workshop, but also adjusted if necessary.

In the car workshop, the mechanics check the function and setting of the following lighting units for the lights in the car:

  • High and low beam
  • Fog lights, search lights and other permitted auxiliary lights
  • Marker and parking lights
  • Brake lights
  • Taillights
  • Hazard warning lights
  • Direction indicators
  • Rear fog light
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