Log Book Service near me in Newcastle

Log book service is a proactive approach to get the Car inspection done to find any minor or major problems.

Each car manufacturer determines the Car inspections itself, which is why there may be differences in the activities and intervals between different car brands. The work that is done in the process ensures that your car is in perfect condition and is safe. However, the car inspection is not required by law. Adhering to the regular maintenance intervals specified by the manufacturers protects against consequential damage in the medium to long term. This avoids much higher costs at a later date and the value of the vehicle remains intact. In addition, you usually save on additional services that would have been incurred anyway, such as the oil change.

Inspection is often limited to an oil change, topping up additional fluids (windscreen washer system, brake fluid) and changing the air filter. It also includes the aforementioned work on the engine, gearbox, underbody, lighting, axles, brakes and all other assemblies that are safety-relevant or subject to wear and tear. The time required for the major service can vary greatly because extensive dismantling and assembly work may also be necessary.

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