Pink Slips or eSafety checks near me in Newcastle

Pink Slips or eSafety check is required for the Car which are older than 5 years; to verify that the car is safe and ready for the road.

When your Carpasses the eSafety check, we will send the report to Transport for NSW electronically. If you receive Repairs Needed report, and then you have 14 days to have the work done.

These checks are made during an inspection of the car:

  • Checking the brakes and shock absorbers,
  • Checking the electrics and lighting,
  • Gearbox and engine check,
  • Visual inspection of the engine compartment and exterior of the vehicle.

In addition to the brake fluid, the lines, brake discs and linings of the brake system are also checked. The control of the power steering includes the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic oil, the steering gear and the tie rods, while the control of the vehicle electrical system includes the indicator lights, the airbags, the seat belts and the exterior lighting. The inspection of the gearbox includes the joint protection covers, the oil level and the clutch. During the engine inspection, the engine compartment and the exhaust system are inspected, any leaks are eliminated and the engine oil is topped up. The final inspection area is then the exterior of the car. Hinges and locks are greased, tires and wheels are checked and used filters of the heating and air conditioning system are replaced.

When changing the wearing parts, the following is usually done during an inspection:

  • Cabin filter / pollen filter,
  • Oil filter and the right engine oil,
  • Air filter,
  • Timing belt (usually only once in the life of the car),
  • Spark plugs / glow plugs.
  • Call for eSafety Checks on 0432-553-905

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