Tyre change and Wheel alignment service near me in Newcastle

Does your car need a wheel change? Then it's best to visit our workshop. Get advice from our Mechanics and get your tyres changed and wheel alignment done. Here you can find out what is important when fitting tires. So that you are safe on the move - all year round.

When changing tires , the old car tire is removed from the steel or aluminum rim and a new tire is fitted. The professionals in the workshop pull the tires onto the rim, balance the wheels and assemble them. They also measure the tread depth. Therefore, the cost of tire fitting is usually higher than the cost of changing a wheel.

When does your vehicle need a tire change?

Many car owners rely on changing tires when they have special rims that they want to keep. The old tire is removed from the rim by a specialist and then the new tire is fitted .

How long does a tire change take? A tire change usually takes no longer than 30 to 60 minutes, in rare cases it can be two hours.

Tyre Balancing:

The wheel balancing should not take place only if you encounter problems when traveling by car. So that you are safe on the road, you should have the wheels balanced when you mount the tires. So-called imbalances are eliminated. This is the name given to the uneven distribution of the weight of the tire and rim on the axis of rotation. It means that the tire no longer runs completely smoothly. Stronger imbalances occur, for example, with severe rim and wheel damage. Rough parking with touching the curbs, extreme acceleration or sharp braking as well as off-road use of your own vehicle can cause imbalances. These, in turn, can cause the steering wheel to flutter and thus lead to long-term damage to car components. In addition, the tire tread no longer wears evenly. In the workshop, experts balance the wheel with a balancing machine. This tire changer rotates the wheel at high speed and shows the position and size of the imbalances. The professionals attach weights in the appropriate places to compensate.

Wheel alignment and wheel alignment:

The tracking is also a recommended action when changing a wheel. The workshop employees use an axle measurement to determine whether the geometry of the axle is correct and whether the wheel is currently running. If this is not the case, get the wheel back on track . So that you can drive your car safely again.

Measure tread depth:

Measuring the tread depth is also part of the tire service in the workshop . If the tread is worn, the tire loses its grip on the road. It is therefore easier for you to lose control of the car on wet roads.

Measure tire pressure:

It is also important to have the tire pressure measured regularly. If the tire pressure does not correspond to the correct specified values, this can lead to poor mileage . The result: you consume significantly more fuel. This significantly reduces the cost-effectiveness of the tire and increases costs. The resilience of the respective bike also drops extremely. In the worst case, the tire can even burst or tear. Incorrect tire pressure therefore also represents a considerable safety risk for the driver and passengers - just as it does for other road users. The specialist in the workshop checks the pressure with suitable accessories and corrects it if necessary.

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