Wrong fuel rescue and recovery near me in Newcastle

A misfuelling generally has bad consequences. At least the engine stops, and in modern diesel vehicles, the sensitive injection system can also suffer costly damage. In principle, the following applies: the moment you notice your mistake, stop the refueling process immediately. Do not start the engine afterwards and also switch off the ignition! In modern cars, the sensitive fuel pump of the injection system is often activated as soon as the vehicle door is opened - at the latest when the ignition is switched on. In any case, you should therefore read the operating instructions to find out which specific steps are to be taken with your vehicle.

In which case the tank has to be pumped empty and when it is sufficient to fill the tank with the correct fuel and to drive carefully.

This might have an aggressive effect on pipes and hoses, this can lead to expensive damage. In addition to cleaning the tank, fuel pumps, lines and filters must then be replaced. The same then applies to injection nozzles or injection injectors. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the recommendations after a misfuelling are somewhat different.

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